Monday, December 21, 2009

This Is Not a Christmas Hat!

Clip-on Hat from Quick to Make Gifts, 1955

It’s a Pagan Party Hat! After all, today’s the Winter Solstice which is when pagans party down celebrate Yule. Some Wiccans also mark this time as the end of the rule of the Holly King, and clearly this hat is a 1950s pattern for just that occasion!

Silly V.D., you say, there were no pagans or Wiccans in 1955!

Au contraire, I say, because things sound more pretentious in French. In 1951, the Witchcraft Act was repealed in the United Kingdom. In 1954, Gerald Gardner published Witchcraft Today. By the late fifties, neo-paganism and Wicca were experiencing a very public revival. So, you may believe Grandma and Grandpa lived humdrum, respectable lives, but after they tucked you into bed, they ripped off their clothing and danced naked under moonlight!

Okay, I was lying about them being naked.

They wore this clip-on hat!

For the Complete Pattern (and more Pagan Fun!):

Clip-on Hat . . . S-789
In the 1950s, hats were instructed to give only their name, rank and serial number.
J. & P. COATS “KNIT-CRO-SHEEN,” Art. A.64:
Ditto the yarns.
1 ball each of No. 49 Chartreuse Green and No. 110 Designer Green.

Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No. 7.
Known as Hooker #7 to his buddies in the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade.
A plastic head clip . . . Sequins and beads . . . Millinery wire.
FYI, in the 1950s a plastic head clip is what we now call a plastic head band. While a Plastic Ono Band is a Solstice gift for your aging Bohemian buddies.
HEADBAND. . .Make a chain slightly longer than plastic clip.

1st row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1, turn.

2nd row: Sc in each sc across.

Repeat 2nd row until piece is wide enough to cover clip. Break off. Sew band neatly to clip.
That’s right, neatly! Paganism is not an invitation to laissez faire, sloppy sewing.

Good posture, however, is optional.
LEAVES (Make 4 of each color) . . . Ch 2.

1st row: Make 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Ch 1, turn.

2nd row: Hereafter pick up back loop of each sc.
Hereafter! This pattern is just so delightfully genteel compared to all those back loop only demands we normally see. Pagans have excellent manners.
Sc in first sc, 3 sc in next sc, sc in next sc. Ch 1, turn.

3rd to 14th rows incl: Sc in each sc across, making 3 sc in center sc of 3-sc group. Ch 1, turn. At end of 14th row, ch 2, turn.

15th row: Half dc in each sc, decreasing 4 sts evenly spaced—to dec 1 half dc, work off 2 half dc as 1 half dc. Ch 2, turn.
Wow, clear instructions without a hint of belittling bolding or patronizing phrasing. Pagans are so nice!
16th row: Repeat 15th row. Break off.

Sew millinery wire to leaves. Group 5 leaves for one side, 3 leaves for other side.

Sew Leaves to Headband. Trim as desired with sequins and beads.
Trim as desired! What freedom! Forget the heartbreaking task of making a Jewish, Muslim or Christian angel. Let’s all celebrate the winter solstice this year!

Embrace the divine in nature, raise a glass to the Old Gods, and dance naked under the moonlight!

Or maybe I’ll just celebrate Kwanzaa, instead.

Click here for the printable pattern.

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