Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DIY - Bring me the head of Santa Claus!

That’s right! Decorating my doorknobs in Red Heart Supersaver yarn isn’t just for Halloween. For what better way to welcome old Saint Nick to our home than with... his own decapitated head? Hmm, that doesn’t sound good.

Maybe it’s just because we’re looking at Doorknob Santa from the wrong angle. I’m sure this cozy looks a lot livelier from the front.

To see the full frontal Santa Doorknob Cozy:


Ghostly white skin, fixed stare, rictus grin.... it’s the Shrunken Head of Santa Claus!

Or maybe it’s just a very hairy Jack Skellington, wearing holly red lipstick?

Nah! Jack’s far too stylish, and besides, he doesn’t have creepy button eyes. But for the record, Jack can drop off presents at my house any time he likes. When I was a kid, I would have been thrilled to get a shrunken head for Christmas!

Though, maybe not if it had been Santa’s shrunken head. It’s not as much fun when the head belonged to someone you know.

There! Now Deady Claus can’t stare at me any more.

The pattern included a snap attachment at the back. This turned out to be a really good idea as otherwise the cozy would have been far too large for my doorknob. If you squint real hard at the picture above, you can see the snap. You can also see that I sewed his hat on backwards.

You know, it occurs to me that trying to scare the real Santa away would guarantee that I end up with coal in my stocking, instead of The Beatles Rock Band game under the tree. Hint, hint.

So, Deady Claus definitely needs a new home.

Perfect! He looks very happy now that he’s no longer the only grinning head with dead, staring eyes. Oh, and he seems to like the skull hoodie, too.

Still, I’m tempted to make a Dead Doorknob Mrs. Claus to help keep him company. Or maybe some Dead Head Elves instead. Hmm, who would a Deadhead Santa want to hang out with on Christmas Eve?

Silly me.

Peace on earth, and good will to all flower children!

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