Sunday, December 27, 2009

DIY - Merry Festive Skull-ghan!

Do you recognize this motif?

Perhaps this will help jog your memory:

Yes, De’Anna took the motif from a tacky, seventies-era Halloween Pillow and constructed a gorgeously goth afghan for her son.

I’ll bet he was a lot happier with his handmade Christmas present than poor little Mikey!

For another pic of De’Anna’s awesome afghan:


After all, what boy wouldn’t love sleeping under a pile of festively bloody skulls?

Case in point, when I showed this picture to my twelve year old son, he said, “Oh, cool! It’s like dice!”

“Dice?” I asked.

“Yeah, see? Skull, skull, skull, skull... I bet if you folded that blanket up right, you could make a cube!”

Okay, De’Anna may find her son gambling with this afghan, instead of sleeping under it. But either way, this present won Jack Skellington’s Coolest Christmas Gift Evah award!

Congratulations, De’Anna! While there’s no actual prize attached to the above award, don’t let that stop you from leaving your acceptance speech below.

Just don’t forget to thank your Mother.


  1. Really wonderful .The choice of red instead of white is most successful.I also like the lacy borders around the squares.Congratulations. Hind.

  2. WOW! My first award!! and the BEST award evahhh being that it is the Jack Skellington award.. *big smile* Quite proud I must say, but I cannot take all the credit...I must thank...MOTHER!! THANK YOU!!!
    I have been getting some questions and emails on this ghan and I have sent them your way :-) I feel everyone should read Handmade By Mother so they can *smile* more often, too :-) Even if they don't wanna make a festive bloody skull ghan...maybe they will make road pizza santa??? LOL
    anyway Thank you Victoria :-)
    BTW the son like IT!! YAY!

  3. De'anna asked me to stopped by to check out the Skull ghan. Which by the way is very awesome.

    Ended up hanging out on this blog for bout an hour or so, very cool. I Read the story about Little Mikey. Made me laugh. Not a knitter or anything, just a fan of the art. Will be checking in often for new stuff. Thanks for the smiles.

  4. Congratulations De'Anna....the best award evah....whooohooo....Jack would be proud to cover up in your sons bloody skull ghan I'm sure. I know I'd love to!!! Great job, keep em coming.

    This is the most excellent blog btw!!

  5. Thank you, everyone!

    And thank you, De'Anna, for contributing! I love the idea that when we're done laughing at them, we can still turn these tacky old patterns into something fabulous and new.