Thursday, December 10, 2009

DIY - Here Comes Santa Poo!

Okay, his body’s shaped like a magical reindeer dropping rather than a bowl full of jelly. Plus, his blue button eyes are dazed and confused instead of twinkling. And the promise in the original pattern that he could sit or stand is a complete lie. All this Santa can do on his own is flop over backward.

But I still love him!

And I’ve found the perfect home for him.

To see Santa-poo’s permanent residence:

My front door!

Doesn’t he look adorable, straddling my Christmas wreath like his life depended on it? I’m sure my neighbours will in no way question my sanity.

Well, no more than usual.

Hey, let’s admire Santa-poo close up!


Too close! Too close!

My goodness, Santa-poo looks extremely wide awake. I hope he isn’t a coffee addict.

Although, you probably don’t need coffee to perk you up when you’re perched on pine needles. Which is a good thing, because we all know what happens to Santas who drink too much coffee!

Stick to milk and cookies, Santa-poo!


  1. Is that SNOW I see in the reflection on the glass front door??? I wish I wish!! Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is oh soooooo hot! We have been having temperatures in the high 30's and low 40's Celsius. Now that is well over 100F for you people in the USA. Before I die, I would love to have snow for Christmas, but it will probably never happen!! Anyway DH and I are off to get our Swine Flu injection today. With all the travelling that happens during our Summer School Holidays, we thought we would get the JAB. We just started, earlier this year, getting ordinary flu vaccine, and as we are grandparents now, we don't want to infect our littlies. We had Whooping Cough jabs last week too!!! After today, we will probably feel like pincushions.
    Love your humourous blog too!!!

  2. What a cutie! You have been busy with your Santas....pop over to my blog and see my version of the Santa door knob cover. Thanks so much for the inspirations and patterns!

  3. Actually, Celsius works just fine for us folks in Canada. And I wish it was in the high 30's - that sounds heavenly!

    Right now it's minus 6, which isn't so bad, but there's one nasty wind chill tonight. Thanks to a big storm yesterday, there's great big piles of snow everywhere.

    My kids weren't so impressed when they were digging out the driveway. I think they'd be happy to ship a few tons your way.

  4. I like your Santa-poo better than the original. And doesn't he look startled to find himself sitting on the wreath?

  5. Thanks! So far he seems to be hanging on, despite various snow storms. Tomorrow, we'll see how he weathers freezing rain!