Sunday, December 13, 2009

DIY – It’s ZZ Santa-Top!

Gertie AKA Trudi of Trudi’s Craft Room made this fabulous doorknob Santa! Her inspiration was this pattern, which I posted back on Dec. 1st.

In a recent e-mail, Trudi commented to me, “Hubby reckons he looks like the sort of Santa who would ride a Harley instead of a sleigh.”

I think Trudi’s hubby is right! Her Santa looks like ZZ Top’s Missing Fourth Man.

I envision this Santa Cozy flying through the sky in a sleigh drawn by eight tiny Harleys, accompanied by the heavenly sound of angels playing electric guitar riffs.

For more on this Rockin’ Cool Santa:

Over on her blog, Trudi writes: “I made a few changes.....OK I made lots of changes....firstly, the white face had to go 'cause he looked too much like a scary clown....”

I completely agree. The white, bloodless face of the original Santa Cozy is indeed terrifying, as I discovered when I faithfully followed the original pattern.

Trudi’s Santa Cozy improved on the original in every way, right down to his unspeakably adorable pinecone ties. I encourage you to check out her How-To post before making a Doorknob Cozy of your own.

However, there IS one way in which the original Santa Cozy is “cooler”.

And that’s if you assume his corpse-like pallor comes from having been buried up to his neck in snow.

That’s right, kids! Santa froze to death in our front yard, because YOU didn’t shovel the walk when I asked you to! Ha!

Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to be paying for their therapy bills for a loooong time.

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