Monday, October 19, 2009

DIY - Winnie the Witchie-Poo

Hey, it’s Winona, The Witch! A.K.A. Winnie, The Witchie-Poo A.K.A. “Call- Me-Winnie-Poo-and-I’ll-Cast-a-Hex-On-You”.

Her smile seems friendly enough, but I don’t trust her button-like blue eyes. Or the way her loopy little fingers are reaching out to grab me.

Silly me, I’m probably just being paranoid. After all, what possible harm could a doll cause?

Oh dear.

For more on Winnie:

Fortunately, Winnie isn’t made of dead bodies or a cursed erector set. Nope, she’s crocheted out of 100% Red Heart Super Saver Acrylic A.K.A. the cheapest yarn in Walmart. Sure, some people claim Walmart is evil, but it’s not built on top of sacred Indian burial grounds evil, right?

Uh oh.

Since I wasn’t willing to spring for didn’t have any rug yarn on hand, I cheated by holding two strands of worsted together to crochet her body, hat and shoes. I also substituted a maple twig for the chopstick called for in the directions. Firstly, because my son the sushi addict would have had a fit if I’d made off with one of his chopsticks. Secondly, because I think it looks a whole lot better.

I also used wool batten for her stuffing instead of polyester fiberfill. Yes, it’s more expensive, but when you try to burn your acrylic and fiberfill Witch at the stake and all she does is melt, you’ll realize that sometimes bargain hunting just doesn’t pay.

Due to a regrettable moment of distraction, her head was sewn onto her body upside down. However, I decided that mistake was a good thing, as having the larger half of her head right on her neck would have made her look like she had a chronic case of mono. And I’d hate to give Winnie the kissing disease as it’s clear she’s already suffering from rickets.

Still, doesn’t she have adorable little shoes? I sewed up her legs lengthwise, even though the instructions indicated that I was supposed to sew them side to side. I thought long shapely legs looked better on her than short chubby ones.

Yes, Winnie’s a wee bit vain about her appearance. Why else would she be wearing a micro dress and a double D push up bra? So, I wouldn’t mention “bowlegged” or “big honker” in her presence if I were you.

Oh no, I think she heard me!

Please don’t curse me with green skin, Winnie!
Note: Make your own Winnie (or any other pattern from this blog), and send me pics! I'll post them here for the entire world to mock admire. Coming up - pumpkins, spiders, and a decapitated witch!


  1. At the beginning I did not realize that this is a DIY,and I thought:What happend to that witch?She looks so much better than yesterday!She is very cute and child-friendly indeed.Hind.

  2. Thanks! It's amazing what a difference color photography makes. :-)

  3. Probably because you attached the head upside down, the witch no longer resembles Margaret Rutherford. ;D

  4. I thought that witch looked familiar! I was thinking it must have been one of Normon Bridewell's witches (he also writes Clifford the Big Red Dog), but thanks to you I now realize that all of his witches resemble Margaret Rutherford, too.

    She's everywhere!