Friday, October 2, 2009

DIY - Smile! It's World Smile Day!

Today is World Smile Day! In honor of the event, I’ve crocheted up the Little Sunflower Purse and given it to the youngest member of our family, Snookums.

As the WSD motto says, “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!”

Hmm, Snookums isn’t smiling... Darn it! Why does that dog always look so tragic?

Let's find out:

You’d think Snookums would appreciate the fact that I crocheted this purse out of the very finest 4 ply Polypropylene Twisted Rope (1/4’’ x 100m), tenderly untwisted with my very own hands. It floats, has good shock resistance, resists rot and mildew and has a tensile strength of 900 lbs! What’s not to love?

Well, fine. Be that way, Snookums. I’ll have you know that there’s a little girl down the road who would just LOVE a purse she can also use to tie her dinghy to the dock.

Oh my.

Well! That’s definitely not in the spirit of World Smile Day!

Still, it is nice to see my work being appreciated.

Good doggy.


  1. Lookig at those pictures makes me smile every time I see them. Hind.

  2. Thanks, Hind! I just gave my little dog a pet for you (she's under my chair right now).