Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DIY - Jack o'Lantern Doorknob Cozy!

You can see it, right? The Jack-o-Lantern doorknob cover I said I was going to make?

Okay, maybe I’d better take a closer picture.

To see more:


As you can see, I decided not to attach bells to his ties. Mainly because I didn’t have any on hand. But I also think wearing a string tie gives Stingy Jack a jaunty Western appearance. If cowboys wore fezzes, that is.

And because instant-gratification gals like myself can’t be trusted around glue, I opted instead to embroider the details onto his face.


Jack seems very happy to be protecting the chastity of my doorknob!

Uh oh.

How am I going to get back inside?


  1. The Jack-o-Lantern doorknob cover looks better than the original!

    I like your Fall wreath too.

  2. Thanks!

    But I suspect everything looks better when it's not pictured in Crochet World - there's something about out of focus black-and-white photography on crumbling yellow paper that just doesn't bring out the best in a project. ;-)

    (But, gosh, I do love Crochet World! Tacky projects, earnest lectures, desperate pleas for penpals, exhortations to the readers to please stop sending in plagiarized patterns... It just doesn't get any better than that!)

  3. The photo of the pattern was absolutely ugly but yours is more pleasant and funny.

    PS : I'm quite deciding than my knitted and not yet finished witch is failed.

  4. Aw... You know, you could still send along photos of your witch disaster. It could be quite funny!

    Unless, of course, you've already turned her into a frog (ie, frogged your project). ;-)