Saturday, October 31, 2009

DIY - Spyder vs. Spyder

For the rest of my tale of Halloween horror and mayhem:










Phil the Phentex Spider is constructed of Phentex, Styrofoam, three pipe cleaners (AKA “chenille sticks”) and two googly eyes, using this highly unhelpful pattern. Note – that’s three pipe cleaners, not the two the materials list called for. Of course, I’m going to charitably assume that the “two” was a typo, not a malicious lie, since even the spider in the picture had six legs.

Blackie, on the other hand, is crocheted out of Red Heart Supersaver yarn using this rather more complete pattern. The fangs are plastic stick pins, and the legs were supposed to be pipe cleaners but at the time of his construction there were no pipe cleaners to be had. So instead his legs are made of twist ties, with crocheted leg warmers to conceal the fact that they should be holding my garbage bags together, not carrying him around.


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  1. Your tale of horror has muted my terrified brain into speechlessness! It is a rare (and dangerous) pit I find myself in. Please continue your tale of woe...