Sunday, October 25, 2009

DIY - Teeny, Tiny Halloween Pillow

When I saw Crochet World’s patterns for Halloween Pillows, I envisioned big, comfy pillows, tossed casually on my front room’s couch. Just the thing to greet holiday visitors!

I’m sure you can see the problem with that plan.

Just like my dog, there’s no way that pillow is a purebred. Sure, Crochet World wants me to believe that this pocket size pumpkin is just the runt of the litter. However, I believe that late one night an enterprising and horny pincushion broke into their pillow breeding pen. Nine months later, a miniature pillow pattern was born.

Still, that’s no reason to give up.

To find out why:


See? I took all three of the original designs and added a ghost motif. All four sewn together made one decent sized pillow.

Problem solved!

Although it’s worth noting that the pillows in the Crochet World photos were most definitely constructed using double crochet stitches, not the single crochet called for in the pattern. Poor Lynne Wickham. It looks like even Crochet World didn’t trust her.


I also had to adjust the number of rows and stitches slightly so that all four motifs matched in size. The back of my pillow is a solid black square, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t do the motifs on both sides. Go on, I double dog dare you.

The entire pillow is knitted out of – what else? Red Heart Supersaver!

You know, considering the number of times I’ve mentioned Red Heart yarn recently, they should give me a kickback from this month’s sales.


What do you mean I rarely have anything nice to say about their yarn?

Just look how happy my cat is!


No, really. That’s her happy face.


  1. The four motifs together look much better than each one alone,even if it were in a proper size. Hind.

  2. Thanks! It's turning out to be an amazingly useful pillow. I may have to make pillows for every season, just so I don't have to give it up after the holidays are over. :-)

  3. I love you pillow it turned out really great!! I would love to do one all in the skulls for my son *sigh* he loves that kinda stuff LOL at least if it were for him it would not get put away at the end of Halloween. Oh yes, love the pictures and the one of your happy face cat is sooo cute!! The puppy is too!!

  4. What a great idea to do a skull pillow! Will you be doing four squares - two with white skulls on black backgrounds and two with black skulls on white backgrounds? I think it would look fantastic, and you should definitely send me pictures when you're done. :-D

  5. Well, I am back!! I just tried to work up a tapestry skull afghan and tore it out!! I am gonna try to hook up a few squares of the skull and see how they go :) Gonna try and make the son a Christmas gift. I will for sure let ya know with pictures if all goes well..thanks for the patterns and the smiles you give me when I stop by :)

  6. Hey, I was contemplating making a skull afghan, too! But my son actually got the last afghan I made, so it's my daughter's turn, whenever I get around to making another.

    I bet yours will look fabulous, when you work out the kinks.

    Keep me posted, I'm dying to see how it all turns out!