Monday, November 2, 2009

DIY - It's a Brady Bunch Cloche Convention!

On the left we have the original cloche from “Bucilla Bonnets and Bags” from 1970. And on the right is the one I made way back in June, modeled by my good friend, JFK.

And in the middle is our newest member of the cloche family, 12 year old Wa'ad!

Isn’t her cloche lovely?

To see Wa'ad’s cloche close up:

Long time reader, Hind of Alexandria, Egypt, sent this letter along with the photos of Wa'ad and her hat:

“Hello, allow me to introduce a very young admirer of your blog. This is a photo of my neighbour and friend Wa'ad, wearing a bonnet she made all by herself from 'The Curious Case of Bonnets & Bags, Part 1'. Wa'ad (which means in Arabic: A promise) is 12 years old. She is in the 6th grade at school where she began learning the basics of crochet last year. She liked it so much that it was not satisfying for her to stay at the potholder making level.

“This bonnet is the first part of her plan to make her own winter accessories. She worked after the pattern, with one difference. That is, making 6 rounds of dc instead of hdc as you had warned us in your DIY that the bonnet becomes too small if one follows the instructions as they are. She added a pom pom and found that she liked the back of the sc better.

“The photos were taken by her mother and sent to me today. If I helped her, it was only with words and when I wanted to explain a stitch or anything else to her I always did it with a different yarn. So this is really her own project.”


And very impressive one, too!

Wa'ad, I’ve been knitting for about ten years, but I only started to crochet just last year. So, I remember very well what a challenge it was to learn.

I’m very impressed with your talent, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in the future.

Best wishes to you!


  1. hey,i'm Ahmed Hind's grand son,and Waad's neighbour.I've learned crochet when I was 8 years old,now I'm 13 years old,but i don't do it now,my grand ma wants teach all our street crochet :-)

  2. hi Ahmed! I'm jack, Victoria Dunn's son. i learned knitting when i was 8 also, and now i am 12. i never really did much of it, though, because it is something i dont have big enough of an attention span (^o^)


  3. hi , im hatem , you probably dont know me waad ... but i know you and im a fan :)