Monday, June 15, 2009

DIY Cloche Hat

It’s amazing how much of a difference the choice of yarn makes. Here is Patty’s fun in the sun Straw-Tex cap, crocheted in two strands of warm and cozy Noro sock yarn. Just because I’m encouraging my readers to make these retro gems, doesn’t mean you’re wedded to the original – and occasionally questionable – choice of materials.

“JFK” was my model for this fashion photo shoot. Despite her pseudonym, she appears unconcerned about the nearby grassy knoll. Perhaps she’s intending to make her getaway in the boat under the blue tarp.

For more pictures:

Here is the cap pictured from a different angle, revealing the unexpected feature of a slight point in the very centre. No, that’s not the actual shape of JFK’s head. That peak is there to drive home to all of us the necessity of owning a hat steamer (which, from the look of it, could double as a bong).

Alternatively, you could boost the retro appeal of this beanie by adding a propeller to its pointy top!

The original pattern crocheted up fairly easily, except that my gauge may have been off by a considerable amount. If I had cast off when instructed, my beautiful model would now be wearing a yarmulke. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

If you are brave enough to recreate or redesign any of the patterns listed on this site, take a picture and send it along to victoriadunnwrites at hotmail dot com. I’ll be happy to display your handiwork here for universal adulation.

And this blog is guaranteed 100% grassy knoll free.

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