Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yesterday’s Craft Generation Thinks You’re Square

Ad for Walco Macrame Belt kits from McCall's Needlework & Crafts, Spring-Summer 1972.

Feeling bad about your Dacron plaid jacket and perma-press polyester pants? Are the cool kids all wearing wrinkled tie dye t-shirts and ripped jeans? Do you stand on the outside, wistfully breathing in the fumes of patchouli incense and Mary Jane? (The drug, not the girl, even though rumor has it that M.J. has refused to bathe until Nixon is out of office.)

Well, despair no more! Thanks to the good folks at Walco, you can now fit right in!

For even more snark:

For a measly five dollars each (together equal to $51.15 US today), you can order a Macrame Belt Kit which will get you groovy Walcords in stunning colours never seen in nature, and easy to follow instructions on how to tie a knot.

It’s about time. Your mother can’t tie your shoes for you forever.


  1. I actually made one of these belts when I was young. It was downright snazzy!

  2. Sure, if the colours weren't faded, I could see how it would be snazzy. Besides, context is important - everything was snazzy in the seventies!

  3. I had one of these kits too! It was my first and only macrame project. How funny!

  4. That's awesome! I'm glad that this post was a blast from your past! I'm very tempted to take up macrame, but my family isn't thrilled by the idea of me covering our walls with jute owls. Spoilsports.