Friday, September 4, 2009

Evidently, I’ve lost my mind...

Tonight, at precisely one minute past midnight, I will lock myself and my laptop into my daughter’s room and start writing. And I will keep writing until 11:59 pm, Monday, September 7th.

Sleep is optional.

And at the end of three days I will have a novel! Or a nervous breakdown. Either way, it should be quite an experience. Including for my daughter, who will be moving into the attic.

And for the record: Contrary to rumour, this is not a desperate attempt to escape my family. I love my husband, two children, two godchildren, three cats (even the elderly kitty who is currently in diapers), two crocheted poodle cozies and one actual half-poodle very much. I have complete faith that they can survive three days without me. The fire, poison, animal control, TeleHealth, orthodontic, and Chinese takeout numbers are on the fridge.

The International Three Day Novel Contest


  1. Go for it! And, btw, break a thumb ;)

  2. Wishing you success and good luck.Hind.

  3. Thank you for your encouragement, speckled-hen and Hind! My weekend was a success.

    In fact, presently I'm convinced my novel is the most stunningly perfect novel ever written. However I also realize I'm somewhat biased when it comes to my own offspring. And realistically, I know chances are good I won't even make the short list, but...

    I have a novel! And I like it. And I know my children will enjoy reading it, too.

    It has zombies.

  4. Congratulations on finishing your novel! I do hope we will see it in print. Zombies were always a hit with my children.

  5. And based on the giggling I've heard so far, they're a hit with mine too.