Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DIY - Poodle Soap Cozy!

Because Poodlefest may end, but you can’t keep a good Poo-Pattern down!

Faithful Reader Hind, in Alexandria, Egypt, e-mailed me photos of her charming Poodle Soap Cover, as well as a Poodle Pin Cushion she made from the same pattern. This particular photo (my favorite!) was taken by her very talented granddaughter, Lina (age 12).

All I can say about her Poodle is. . . OMG! Look at that adorable little collar, and the sweet bow, and EEEE! The smile! And the itty, bitty pink tongue!

I’m in love!

Let's see more:

Hind’s daughter, Butheina, took close up photos to show details of the marvelous construction of the Poodle Soap Cover. I never imagined the original pattern could be used to create something so adorable, but it just goes to show what an experienced, talented crocheter can do.

Hind writes: “I began by following the pattern for the body, using a 4mm hook, but changing it to a 3mm hook for the last 2 rounds. By this way there is no need for any sewing or elastic at all.

The soap fitted well inside the net-like body, so I started making the head, as the pattern requires. It turned out too small for the body, although I worked with the 4mm hook, so I made a new head with 10 sts instead of 7.

After the first round of d.c, I worked 4 rounds sc, using the 4mm hook, then 4 rounds using the 3mm hook to form the neck, the last 2 rounds are made with the 4mm hook. So the head consists of one round of 9d.c plus 3 starting chs, over a ring of 5 chs, then 10 continuous rounds of sc.

I started the nose, and each ear with a 5 ch, making 8 rows of sc over 4 sts. I stuffed both the head and the nose with fiber filling. The tail in the pattern is correct. I made much smaller pompons than the pattern requires.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Hind went on to make a little friend for her first poodle!

As she explains: “After two days I made a smaller body for the tiny head from the pattern, this time in sc, stuffed it with fiber filling, put a small heavy object inside the filling in the rear part to keep the poodle's balance, and made a pincushion, which proved to be very useful. I am now planning to make a small pincushion the same size of that useless soap, to replace it in the soap poodle's belly.”

I think the Poodle Soap Cozy looks a wee bit worried about that plan. But kudos to Hind for figuring out a way to make this bizarre vintage pattern into something useful!

And finally, a few more pictures from Hind’s granddaughter, Lina. These poodles look like a lively pair of ladies. In fact, I suspect they spend nights running amok through the house, when they think everyone is asleep.

You see? Now they’re on top of the TV! Clearly the pins in her back don’t slow Miss Poo-Pin down one bit.

(Lovely doilies, by the way!)

Thank you, Hind! Your spirited Egyptian poodles have brightened an otherwise very grey and rainy Canadian week.


  1. Aunt Hind is not only a professional crocheter,she is also a wonderful teacher,she taught me to love crochet and be devoted to all sorts of new ideas.she opened my eyes on a world of perfectionism and someday i want to be like her and absorb all her experience in crochet.she really is a legend!God bless her.
    her faithful and ever greatful student,rajia mostafa

  2. *enthusiastic thumbs up* I very much enjoyed my correspondence with Hind. :-)