Monday, July 20, 2009

DIY - PooPot in Blue

The Artist Currently Known as Speckled Hen was kind enough to share with me pictures of her fabulous PooPot. It was crocheted using the original PooPot pattern.

Speckled Hen writes, “The finished product....finally! .....yay!.....never again!”

I hope that’s only with regards to Electric Blue PooPots, because I’m definitely hoping to see more DIY projects from her!

Let's see some more pictures:

“Our kitty 'Salvador' is inspecting my work,” adds Speckled Hen.

Nom Nom Nom

“Miss PooPot seems rather alarmed now, as Salvador continues the shake-down.”

“Rather” alarmed, you say? I think Miss PooPot is seriously considering launching a sexual harassment lawsuit against the presumptuous Mr. Salvador.

At this point, Salvador takes over Speckled Hen’s e-mail and writes, "Seriously, spend more time cleaning my litter bin and less on this crap!"

Poor Miss PooPot appears to be traumatized and possibly catatonic. Nothing some hot tea won’t fix.


Speckled Hen writes: “Here are pictures of my version of the Mary Maxim TeaPoo cozy! I used some old (but new) Eaton's Dupont Sayelle Orlon. The pattern calls for a "00" steel crochet hook (which is a 3mm aluminum(?) I find out later). I used a 5mm and that is why the body turned out rather large--but I can't see why one would use a 3mm on Orlon (knitting worsted) anyway. The pompon-making method made ghastly pompons (I should have used my pompon maker--and I did, for the two small ones). I note in your next load of poodle-mania patterns that the pompon making is even more outrageous, with 75 wraps around the fingers.”

Kudos to Speckled Hen for correctly interpreting that in this pattern “Size 00” meant a 3 mm hook, not a 9 mm one like I’d assumed. And extra props to her for going ahead and using the size of hook that made sense, rather than being a slave to the instructions.

And she owns a pompom maker! I’m completely jealous now.

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