Monday, July 20, 2009

DIY - Nearly Headless Fifi

Fifi has a bad feeling. Why do the lights keep flickering in an ooky, spooky way?

Let's find out:

She’s awfully glad she remembered to salt the door step. And the window sills. Everyone knows salt keeps zombies away.

Or was that just ghosts and demons?

Oh dear, thinks Fifi.

Now Nearly Headless Fifi has joined her true love, Mr. Zombie-Poo, in stalking their next victim. Okay, this dog’s only half-poodle, but Mr. Zombie-Poo says that when it comes to brains in this economy, a zombie just can’t afford to be picky.

Look behind you, Poochie!

Note: Mr. Zombie-Poo is the product of a previous DIY, and you can find his vital stats here. Fifi's pattern is here.

Fifi was crocheted in a genuine antique yarn – meaning several old dusty balls of “Pingouin confort” discovered in an elderly friend’s basement. Which, I should add, is anything but “confort” to the touch. It’s made of 10 percent Mohair, 40 percent Acrylic and 50 percent Wool, and it’s scratchy as hell.

I used a 3.25 mm (D) hook. And in the process of creating the poodle I discovered that the head is indeed meant to be unattached. I was worried that would just lead to Fifi repeatedly losing her head, so I tacked it to the back of her body.

I also discovered that Fifi best fits not a water bottle or a can of Lysol, but rather a tall bottle of Chianti AKA Red Wine. So now we know the REAL reason why our mothers and grandmothers were frantically crocheting Poodles to cover all the bottles under the sink.

I always wondered why she would kick me out of the house every time she wanted to “clean”...


  1. I made a nearly headless fifi as a Christmas present for .... the breeder of my poodles! Because no Christmas is complete without Poodle -tat !! I've been looking for patterns like these for ages! I have pictures if you'd like to see.

    1. Oh my goodness, yes, I'd love to see photos of your nearly Headless gift! I hope your breeder loves your poodle-y creation, and your poodles aren't too terrified by it. :)