Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY – The Harrowing Adventures of Miss Tissue-Poo

Miss Tissue-Poo is pleased to make her bathroom debut! She was crocheted from the very finest acrylic yarn, and has eight of the finest extra-fluffy pompoms. Her eyes are two blue buttons which complement her ribbon, and her nose was embroidered with a scrap of shiny pink yarn. She’s too much of a lady to stick a red felt tongue out at people using the powder room, so I ignored that part of her pattern.

Above, Miss Tissue-Poo discreetly keeps my spare roll of toilet paper under wraps, so my family and guests won’t be offended by the sight of something so uncouth. However, she seems a little worried about that deep sea fishy behind her...

What's that fish doing? To find out:

“Help!” Miss Tissue-Poo shrieks. “A horrible monster is nibbling on my top-knot! My precious, precious top knot!”

Poor Miss Tissue-Poo. Her legs are short and fluffy, so she can’t run away. She never expected that protecting toilet paper rolls would be fraught with peril.

“Oh, thank goodness!” says Miss Tissue-Poo as a new poodle joins her. “Now that you’re here, I’m sure I’ll be safe.”

“Whatever,” says Miss Spray-Poo, dismissively.

“You’re my hero!” gushes Miss Tissue-Poo.

“Do I even know you?”

I’m afraid Miss Spray-Poo is not a well-bred lady like our dear Miss Tissue-Poo.

But who is this rude poodle? And will she heroically guard Miss Tissue-Poo’s honour from Mr. Fishy Fangs, and more importantly, her precious top knot? The answers to these questions and many more are coming soon to a DIY post near you!


  1. Miss Tissue-poo is so pretty!.Miss Spray-poo is a bit jealous because her pompons are not so fluffy,that is the real cause of her rude behaviour Hind

  2. Connie - thanks!

    Hind - I think you're right. Miss Spray Poo is definitely the jealous type. You can tell just by the look in her eyes... when you can see them through the pompons!