Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DIY - Will the real Victoria Dunn please stand up?

Is this Victoria Dunn? In her Little Girl party mask?

The Faux Book Launch was a roaring success, and Victoria Dunn’s actual identity was finally revealed!

Or... was it?


This is clearly not Victoria Dunn. It’s just her brain, before the party.

See? Here’s Victoria’s brain at the party. Along with Victoria’s zombie eyeballs (AKA tomato aspic a la 1950’s cookbook), Sputnik Surprise, and just a glimpse of Rampaging Pear Mice laying siege to a molded green Jell-o salad. It’s molded, not moldy.

Mmm! Fifties food!

It’s Jell-o-rific!

Please take special note of the cake in corner – it’s actually made of alternating layers of tuna salad, egg salad and white bread, frosted all over with cream cheese. It was yummy!

No, really! I’m very grateful to Faithful Reader Adrienne for the Sandwich Cake. Also not-so-Faithful Reader Lisa provided the punch, which was also delicious, and not the least bit spiked. So far as I could tell.

So... was that really Victoria Dunn above? Or is this Victoria Dunn?

May... be. But there’s also this strong contender:

I think the hat is quite dashing!

Wait, there’s MORE Victoria Dunns?

My, my, Victoria Dunn’s looking a wee bit masculine.

Maybe she’s just forgotten to shave her wrists?

Okay, that’s definitely NOT Victoria Dunn!

Although, I wouldn’t say that to his face. At least, not while he’s wearing that scary mask.

However, I’m happy to say that masked maniacs were not the only guests at this party.

It looks like every one of Ooky’s friends crashed the party! Stay tuned for a sexy photo shoot, when they get their own DIY.

Also, note the beady fringes on the left and the mysterious afghan on the right – bet you a shiny nickel you can’t guess which patterns these came from! The answers will be revealed soon.

Also coming soon...


Because a party’s not rocking until the spats come out.

So, thank you again to Collected Works, and to all the wonderful folks who came to my party, friends both old and new.


  1. I wish I could be present at this party. My guess is that the yellow beady fringes belong to attack of the tiny purple people eater vest-September 10 post. The afghan is the January 13 not harliquin afghan.Am I right? Hind

  2. You are absolutely correct!

    And here's your shiny nickel:


    Of course, you'll have to travel to Sudbury, Ontario to claim it. ;-)

  3. This mask has a sort of "skinned muppet" look to it. I'm just saying.

  4. Oh no! Zoe, what have they done to you??

    Thanks Kim, now all I can envision when I look at that mask is a horrifying Sesame Street/Hellraiser crossover. ;-)

  5. Very cool, very fun!! Wish I were there
    :-) especially during tulip season. Yes, tulip season would be wonderul!!! I must try that sandwich ummmm I mean cake.

  6. Unique - you should definitely try making the sandwich cake. It was delicious!

    Here's a recipe for a "Party Sandwich Loaf" that sound very similar, aside from a few extra fillings: http://www.ifood.tv/recipe/party_sandwich_loaf_1