Monday, February 15, 2010

DIY - Happy Flag Day!

Today, February 15th, is the National Flag Day of Canada. On this day in 1965, our maple leaf flag was born.

In honor of this occasion, Gingy the Gingerbread Man will be going on a sightseeing trip to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. After all, it’s not the strangest thing Canadians have ever done to celebrate this holiday.

Yes, that’s Darth Vader. Marching in a 1979 Flag Day parade. Because no one represents “Canada” better than a homicidal maniac from a galaxy far, far away.

For more Flag Fun:

Here’s Gingy, contemplating the trek out to Parliament Hill. Looks mighty cold out there!

It’s not a good sign when the bus stop has frosted over. Better dress warm, Gingy!

Here’s Gingy and a friend, in front of the War Memorial. Gingy is sporting a patriotic white sweater with a red maple leaf, a matching red scarf and touque. Gingy’s friend is wearing everything she could find in her closet. According to the weather forecast, it’s so cold exposed flesh can freeze within minutes.

Luckily, Gingy’s made of sterner stuff, and isn’t at all bothered by his lack of pants.

Here’s Gingy on Parliament Hill, admiring the Centennial (but not Eternal!) Flame. You can just see it flickering around the nipple-shaped fountain behind him.

Gingy’s sweater was knitted in stockinette stitch with k 1, p 1 ribbing at his sleeve cuffs and waist. The maple leaf on Gingy’s sweater was done in duplicate stitch, while his scarf was constructed using a simple garter stitch. Everything about him is made of Red Heart Supersaver yarn, so he’s not the slightest bit concerned about catching fire. His acrylic polymers are flame resistant. As well as sunlight, oxygen and fashion resistant.

Gingy is a big fan of Canadian hero Terry Fox!

Pay no attention to the Olympic Countdown in the background. These photos were taken today! Honest!

Okay, they were taken on January 30th. Gingy couldn’t get time off work to visit Parliament Hill on the actual Flag Day.

It’s not easy being the Canadian Gingerbread Ambassador! One of the primary job qualifications is an excellent sense of balance. There would be nothing more embarrassing than landing face first in the snow in front of French-Canadian soldier, Sieur d'Iberville.

Luckily, Gingy can always count on his friends to offer a helping hand. Just like Joseph Brant offered a helping hand to the British during a little tiff known as the American Revolution.

And finally, here’s Gingy having a friendly word with Sir Arthur William Currie a Canadian General who kicked serious butt during W.W.I. It would have been nice to have included photos of all of Canada’s Valiants, but my camera kept dying from the cold. That’s what happens when electronics are designed in warmer countries such as Japan. They just don’t take into account temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius (that’s -4 Fahrenheit for all you American readers).

Due to a public scandal involving an unidentified gingerbread hottie, Gingy’s present whereabouts are unknown. He was last spotted in New York State, but he’s believed to have family as far away as Egypt. Hopefully we’ll hear more about Gingy being on the lam, soon!


  1. Dare I say it, Gingy needs a chair! Also, the whole Darth Vader thing reminds me of when I was visiting Victoria once and there was this guy dressed in full Darth gear rambunctiously playing the fiddle in the rain for spare change. I didn't catch a glimpse at his sign, but I'm sure it said something like, "YOU WILL SUCCUMB TO THE POWER OF MY INSTRUMENT AND PRODUCE CURRENCY."

  2. Lol! There's obviously something about Darth that appeals to our Canadian selves. Everyone thinks we're all polite and nice, but really we're plotting to take over the universe. ;-)

  3. Great pictures to see! Looks to be such a nice place makes me jealous of Gingy! Oh well, 4 below is waaaay too cold for me. Glad he did have his sweater on and a very nice one at that ;-)

  4. Unique, it's not always so cold in Ottawa! You should come visit in the spring, especially during the Tulip Festival. There's flowers all over the Capital, and boats on the canal.