Thursday, November 22, 2012

Any day can be Poodle Day!

Have you hugged your poodle today?

Because if you haven't the consequences can be terrifying...

Read on to discover this harried little poodle's origin story...

Faithful reader Alice explains in the comments section for Your Boudoir Needs Poodles, Too!, "I'm making (a poodle) this weekend as a work joke.  I call it a "poodle day" when I'm forgetful and everything's overwhelming, thanks to my mother's long-passed toy poodle who after 2 strokes would walk into the kitchen, stop, look around, and shake its head as if to say, 'Why am I here and what was I doing?'  Then it would return to the living room.  Some work days are like that."

Yes, this adorably scraggy little poodle is Alice's handiwork.  She's made of baby-weight yarn and stuffed with lentils "so she'd stay put on my cube wall."

Clearly, both fiber and fibre are an important part of every healthy poodle's diet!

So, on this Casual Friday, be sure to hug your straggly, easily confused inner poodle.  After all, there is such a thing as being too well groomed.


  1. My poodle--named "Princess" by my co-workers--is quite pleased with the attention. She accepts your compliments and wishes to inform you that all the cutting-edge poodles are into "scraggy". After all, she says, the best divas are trend-setters.

    There is a waiting list for her to visit other cubes. There will be no living with her after all this attention. Soon she'll be demanding holiday-themed ribbons and sunglasses for the summer.

    I've created a monster! All thanks to you!

  2. This even tops the Barbie-hoop-skirt-spare-toilet-paper cozies I remember from my youth. Is there NO end?

    All kidding aside, I did make a soap shard cozy for collecting those annoying bits of soap that are too small to use. Once the Economy Pak of Irish Spring is exhausted, there's a whole other bar worth of soap shards in there that can then be used to wash with in an exfoliating (not to mention fashionable) hand knit ... er... envelope. It's like getting a whole other bar for free! Well... sort of.

    I can't believe I just admitted that.