Friday, February 3, 2012

Stay Tuned for the Big Announcement After the Break!

Oh, how sweet! A pretty little sheep wandering over the green hills of Wales… I’m sure it won’t interrupt my big announcement.

As some of you may remember, I won third place in the 2009 International 3-Day Novel Contest for a book about zombies gate-crashing a Welsh bog-snorkelling competition. Well, I have some exciting news...

For my very exciting news:

Is it just me, or is that sheep looking at me funny?

Sorry, I got a bit distracted by fluffy cuteness. Time for the big announcement!

A small but feisty Canadian publisher called The Workhorsery has decided to publish my extensively revised and expanded novel!

Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies will be released this summer. It has action, romance, a plane crash, a pub crawl, and of course bog snorkelling. Plus, this book will help spread the all important message that zombies ARE people. Except when they’re bunnies. Or sheep.

Speaking of sheep, where did that cute little guy disappear to...




  1. Congratulations! I have really been enjoying your blog. Will have to get the book when it comes out. Besides, my husband and I had our honeymoon in Wales and I love watching bog-snorkling! Cheers!

  2. Yay! Congrats! As a multiple time loser of the 3-day Novel contest for writing novels NOT about zombies, I do confess to a smidgen of bitterness and jealousy but your crochet pattern has calmed me so...
    Love your blog and wish you all sorts of success! Really!

  3. "مبروك/Mabrook" which means in Arabic:"May it be blessed".
    This is the term we use here in Egypt as a congratulation for something new, or for a good achievement.It comes spontaneously to my mind and I like to use it so that you may be congratulated for your new book in more than one language. Hind

  4. Awesome! Then I'll finally get to read it.

  5. Melanie Rose - that's so cool that you actually got to see bog-snorkeling in person. Were you in Llanwrtyd Wells? I dream of one day getting a Canada council grant to take my novel to the bog snorkeling.

    Sharon - thank you!

    Dorothy - No one's a loser if you actually finish the book. I've entered twice since then and only once made the top ten. Evidently transgendered dolphins aren't a big seller in B.C. However, each time I end up with a new first draft, which is more than I had when I started. So, even if I never win again, I'm addicted!

    ShifterCat - not only that, you'll be at the book launch! Right? Right??

  6. Hind - Thank you so very much. I always learn something new from you, and I really appreciate your support. I hope I'll be able to ship you a copy of my book, as currently it's only being published in North America.

    But one day... the world! :-)

  7. Sadly, I didn't actually get to see the bog-snorkling in person, but only on video, as we were there at the wrong time of year. Hoping for next time! Cheers!